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Art Rebel

Summer Camp 2023

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Art Rebel Camp

Our Camp is for ages 7 and up. We group our rebels from ages 7-10 and ages 11-14 in different sessions. 

For camp our schedule is from 10am -  2pm. 

We asked parents to please send lunch, snacks and water bottle for your children.


Each booking is valid for 1 week of camp only.

Come dressed to make a mess! 

How to book your Camp Week


  • Click on the "Book Now" button.

  • Select Monday June 19th (or the Monday of the week you want to book) and then 10 am 

  • Then click on "Next" and fill out the requested information.

  • And that's all, at this point you booked your week of Summer Camp!

Art Rebel Summer Camp 2023!

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